Tips and tricks to make your swimwear last longer

Extending the life of your new bathing suit starts before you even buy it. Finding a swimsuit that fits properly will not only make it softer to wear but will also keep your suit from stretching out over time. As you know, a swimsuit can be quite costly compared to any other clothes. However, by taking good care of your swimsuit, you can make it last longer.

Here are some of the ways that you can follow to make your swimwear last longer:

  1. Rinse your swimwear before you swim

Your swimsuit will absorb less chlorinated water if you rinse it out with clean water before striking the pool. A decent shower or rinse is usually advised before getting in as chlorinated water damages the fiber of your swimsuit. Not only will your suit get an honest rinse, but you’ll also be doing all of your fellow pool-goers a favor by removing any dirt, oil or makeup from your body.

  1. Rinse quickly after use

Saltwater, chlorine, body oils, sunscreen, dirt, sand, and different substances will damage the elasticity of swimsuit material. You can prevent them from eroding the fibers by rinsing your swimsuit with cold tap water. If the pool or beach has cold outdoor showers, you can rinse it there. Otherwise, remove the suit and rinse in a sink with cold water.

  1. Hand wash only

We recommend hand washing your suit only. Rinsing a swimsuit immediately after wearing is good while washing it at the end of the day is also an essential step in swimsuit care. Fill a sink with cold water and add a little amount of gentle liquid hand soap or detergent meant for delicates. Let the bathing suit soak for fifteen minutes, then gently massage with hands to work out the chemicals and dirt. Drain the cleanser water and rinse till the water runs clear. Never wring or twist the bathing suit.

  1. Remove the sunscreen stains

The best anti-stain technique is to prevent stains in the first place, by letting sunscreen absorb before putting on the bathing suit. If sunscreen oil stains occur, baking soda or vinegar are mild cleaners that will help remove them.

Sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda directly onto the stain, and permit it to sit for one to two hours before washing it gently as directed above.

If using vinegar, dilute one part of white vinegar in 3 parts of warm water, and soak the stain. White vinegar may also be applied directly to the stain. Once socked, wash the stained area following the steps mentioned above.

  1. Dry your swimsuit flat

Like sweaters, lay your bathing suit to dry flat. It spends enough time basking in the harsh rays of the sun, therefore, avoid drying it with direct sunlight as this will only lead to fading. Before putting it away, always ensure that it is completely dry. The intense heat can disrupt the elasticity of the fabric.

  1. Wash your swimsuits properly

Before washing any swimwear, you should read about the fabric care level. To do this, simply turn the swimsuit inside out. Then fill a clean sink with water. Add baby shampoo or liquid bath soap to cold water and swish it together with your hands to form bubbles. And finally, rinse it thoroughly for few minutes.

  1. Keep your swimsuit cool

Cold water is good for swimwear. So don't try to wash your swimsuit in hot water. Experts also always recommend avoiding too many dips in a hot tub with your favorite suit.



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