This 90s trend is back!

Velvet bikinis for women are popping up on the catwalk, and are seen more and more frequently on today's hot models—everyone from Kylie Jenner to fashion blogger Danielle Bernstein! Velvet is taking the world by storm, and fashion swimwear is becoming available through top fashion brands.

If you can't wait to join this growing trend, you can get an alluring velvet bikini in red, tan and white, or black from the Mess by Michelle line. Some of today's most captivating models are already wearing them, and you'll want to do the same.

Worried about what velvet will look like after a day in the sand? Top manufacturers have already figured that out. Your sports swimwear is safe, as the velvet is created out of Lycra and other water-safe fabrics. Join today's hottest trend with a velvet two-piece from Mess by Michelle.

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